Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, Charleston, South Carolina

Today was our second and last full day in Charleston and today was swamp day!

We started off by driving to the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens which has a large old plantation house and grounds which include gardens and swamp land.

We got there early so that we could do the swamp walk before the day got too hot, although it was already pretty warm when we arrived. We paid $15 each for the general admission, $8 for the swamp walk and another $8 for a boat ride. I had coupons which gave us $10 discount, so in total it cost $52.

We started the swamp walk which is a self-guided walk alongside a swamp, lake and gardens. Almost immediately we saw several birds and a few alligators.

As we continued the walk we saw amazing swamp land and several more gators. Sometimes you think you saw one but it turned out to be a log or visa verse. We visited this swamp a couple of years ago, but in the early summer and we did see lots more birds then as it was nesting time. But we still saw plenty today.

After wandering around the swamp area for an hour or two we had to make our way to the boat launch for the boat tour which started from the other side of the gardens.

We got there a little early for our tour and one other couple was on the boat along with the captain. We were all chatting before the boat launched and by that time, two other people were on board, so only 6 of us in total. We were allowed to wander round the boat to take photos etc and the captain gave a great commentary about the plantation, its history and of all the birds and animals. We saw lots of birds and even more gators including a pretty large one lying near the side of the river.

After the boat tour, we grabbed some lunch at the cafe and also wandered around the petting zoo. We managed to see some pretty cool lizards too.