Reptile World, St Cloud Florida

The girls wanted to go back to the Florida Mall today and as it didn’t open until 12 noon they didn’t want to be picked up until 5:30 pm as apparently it is easy to spend all day shopping. We had no intention of doing this, so decided to drop them off and go for a drive.

We found a place called St Cloud which is not too far from Kissimmee but looked of a reasonable size, so thought it might be worth a visit. It also had several lakes nearby so we thought we might see gators. We drove around and saw some lovely homes and a few shops. As I was looking at the map I happened to see a place called Reptile World mentioned so we headed over in that direction. We came across it on the other side of the highway and so did a quick u-turn. We paid $10 each to enter and were told it was a self-guided tour and to take our time and that we could leave and re-enter if we wanted.


The first thing we saw was a large enclosure with water and it was filled with turtles. There were many different types and many were in the water and others were piled up on the sides and island areas. Some were two or three deep as they were piled on top of each other. For a small fee, you can buy food from the vending machine and feed the turtles.

Next we found a large alligator in a large pond, but unfortunately, he refused to surface, so all we could see was his outline under the water.


Strangely, the next thing we saw was a parrot. In fact, there were several parrots, some of which were friendly and welcomed a head tickle, but some, like the macaw in the photo most certainly wasn’t as friendly.


This place is known for its snake collection and that is what we headed for next. They have a large building with many glass vivariums inside housing loads of snakes. We also found some other reptiles such as lizards crocodiles and tortoises.

As we came across this quite by accident, we were really pleased we found it. For a very small entry fee there was a lot to see. Sure, this is not a huge place with thousands of animals, but it does have a lot of snakes and other reptiles, so if you are in this area and like reptiles it is definitely worth a visit.