The hell that is Miami, Bubba Gump and Bayside Marketplace

After a good nights sleep, we finished packing and loaded up the car with all our luggage as well as the girls. This was no mean feat as there was a lot of it. Good job we have a big car (Ford Flex).

The girls will be leaving from Miami on Friday so I had booked a hotel at the airport to make things easier. They would be in their room for one night and we would stay an extra night to allow us to stay and see them off and set off on the journey home the following morning.

We wanted to get as much time in Miami as possible, so we set off early for the 3.5-hour drive. The plan was to drop the girls off near the beach so they could spend the day there and then we would check into the hotel and get the room keys and then perhaps go to the art deco area then meet the girls later for dinner.

However, things did not go entirely to plan. We arrived in good time and found the South Beach area and after driving around trying to find somewhere to park, gave up and literally dropped the girls off in the middle of Collins Avenue and arranged to collect them there at 6:30 pm.

We then made our way to the hotel. The roads in Miami are dreadful, the worse roads ever, even worse than Orlando! We hated every minute we spent on them navigating our way to the hotel, so much so we decided to stay there until we needed to collect the girls. When we got to the Residence Inn Airport hotel, only our room was available, so we put all their luggage in there and waited for their room to be available. I then looked up places we could eat and found Bubba Gumps which had parking and seemed easy to find! I remembered the girls mentioning this place before, so knew they liked it.

At the point when we needed to leave to pick up the girls the other room was still not available, so we set off on the crazy journey through Miami. Once again we couldn’t find anywhere to park so just drove around until the girls showed up at the meeting place.

Then we tried to find Bubba Gumps which proved to be not quite as easy as we thought, but we got there eventually. It is in a shopping and restaurant area called Bayside Marketplace and they did have plentiful parking which cost $10. We wandered around and found the restaurant and were seated pretty quickly.

Bubba Gump is a fish restaurant based on the film Forest Gump. They play the film continuously on the big screens and have memorabilia from the film. Obviously, the menu is fish based with shrimp playing a large part, but there are non-fish items too. The girls both had Dumb Luck Coconut Shrimp, Chris had Captain’s Fish & Chips and I had Lt. Dan’s Drunken Shrimp. We all really enjoyed our food, however, I was disappointed that I could not have the Dr. Pepper drink I ordered as they don’t do it. This is very odd as Dr. Pepper was Forest Gump’s favourite drink. Oh well, water it was for me, but the food was great.

When we had finished our meals we wandered around the Bayside Marketplace area and went into some of the shops. As it was late evening we watched the sun go down over the water. The views from the deck were very good.