Our overnight stops en route have been decided

The other day I mentioned that we had finally decided on the route we will take to Calgary. Having dismissed the options to go via the United Stares, we are now travelling the more direct route through Canada. I have now worked out the best overnight stops along the route.

Although in theory, we could travel directly to Calgary in a non-stop fashion in a couple of days or so, we want to take our time but still get there as quick as possible. With this in mind, I managed to break up the route into manageable sections with us overnighting at key locations. So here goes. Of course, the times quoted below are based on driving directly with no stops, which of course won’t happen!

Belleville On – Sudbury ON

This is a 510 km trip which Google maps says will take approximately 6 hours. We could do this section via the 401 and 400 highways, but we want to take the more scenic back route so will go via Halliburton etc.

Sudbury On – Wawa ON

This section is a little longer distance-wise at 536 km but should take a few minutes less. There is a giant goose in Wawa, so must remember to take a photo of that!

Wawa On – Thunder Bay On

This leg of the journey is a little shorter at 484 km and should take just over 5 hours. Quite looking forward to spending a few hours in Thunder Bay as it is supposed to be very scenic.

Thunder Bay On – Kenora ON

This leg takes us to the border of Ontario and Manitoba. Seems crazy that is would take so long to exit one province. It just shows how very large Ontario really is and we are just travelling through a small proportion of it. This leg is 489 km and will take 5.5 hours.

Kenora On – Virden MB

So, now we will be in Manitoba and we could have stopped a little sooner in Brandon, but hotels are cheaper in Virden and this stop better breaks the journey up. So, this will be 506 km and a 5-hour journey.

Virden MB – Swift Current SK

It will take us days to get through Ontario, but we are now just skipping through provinces. This stopover will be in Saskatchewan and will take just over 5 hours and cover 531 km.

Swift Current SK – Calgary AB

The final leg of the journey will see us travelling 516 km in just under 5 hours to finally reach our destination of Calgary.

So, six overnight stops and over 3,500 km in total and we will hopefully start our new life in Calgary. Then the fun begins – apartment hunting, furniture buying, amenity finding and general confusion no doubt! But it’s all part of the fun….

By the way, if anyone has done this trip and sees any potential issues with our route, please feel free to point them out. All help is welcome.