Last night I was flicking through Facebook and I noticed that the Aurora was promising to be quite strong this evening, so armed with camera and tripod we ventured out into the front garden to see if we could spot anything.

We have been lucky enough to see the aurora once before from our house, obviously not the spectacular sights you get to see further north, but stunning none the less. So, with flashlights in hand, we navigated our front lawn (over an acre) to set up for viewing.

We looked to where we knew they would be and could definitely see some slight rippling and colours to the sky. We knew from the past that the camera sees things much better than the naked eye, so Chris set his camera up and started taking some shots. Immediately we could see that there was some green showing. This was very hopeful, so we stayed out for about half an hour, taking lots of photos and hoping for a good shot. 

At one point we could see waves of green stretching across the sky, so knew the camera would see this even better. Sure enough, Chris managed to get several really good shots. These two are my favourites and he managed to get the streaks of light from passing cars too. 

Hopefully, when we move to Alberta we will get to see the aurora even better as it is much further north. But for now, we are greatful that we got to see this spectacular show.