Never ending long, straight roads in the prairies

Last nights stay in the hotel was okay. We had a decent room and the free breakfast this morning was very nice. scrambled eggs, made with real eggs and tomatoes and onion along with real bacon that was not incinerated within an inch of its life and hash browns. Along with the free evening meal, we had last night, we were pretty happy.

This morning we set off from Winnipeg aiming to get across to Sask and heading for the Regina area. We thought of going onto either Moose Jaw or Swift Current but weren’t sure how long the journey would take and how we would feel as we know the long straight roads can be tiresome. So I booked a hotel room in Regina that I could cancel should we need to.

When we set off from the hotel we went down a very pretty tree lined road with lots of quaint little house each side. This was the last pretty thing we really saw!

Once we got out of Winnipeg, we were on Highway 1, or the Trans-Canada Highway all the way to Regina.

The skies were really dark and soon we were driving in torrential rain and lightening around us.

However, after a while we entered blue skies and boy are they big skies. We never really appreciated the term big skies of the prairies until today.

At one point we saw a sign for a reptile centre and decided to detour the 8km to see it. Trouble was when we got there it was closed! But we did see a prairie dog which was a little exciting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo of him as he ran off.

Eventually, we reached Sask and didn’t see the sign for the province at first as someone had pulled into the layby and parked their RV right in front of it. Fortunately, there was no one one the road so we were able to reverse the short distance and get a photo.

So, was driving through Sask any more exciting than Manitoba – no! It is very much more of the same. Although we did have an exciting moment when we saw some windmills!

We did stop off at a place called Whitewood in Sask as the navigation told us there was a coffee shop there. We managed to find it and it was called Andrea’s Cafe & Bakery. We had coffee and tea and some cake and pastries. It was very nice and a welcome break from the drive.

After what seemed like forever, we got to Regina and decided we would stay here tonight as we didn’t feel like going any further. We checked into the Country Inn & Suites and have a king room which is old and tired, just like us, but otherwise okay.

We also found out that the hour in time we went back yesterday has reappeared as Sask do not change the time for summer, so they are still on winter time, meaning they are now on Mountain time the same as Alberta.

For dinner, we went to Perkins which is right next door to the hotel. We had never been in one of these before, but it turned out to be very nice. Chris had a pasta dish and I had turkey. Chris then had wildberry pie and ice cream for dessert, I had ice cream. As you can see, the photo came after the eating of the pie!