We have an apartment in Calgary, yeahhh!

I didn’t want to say anything before in case we tempted fate, but we can now say we have an apartment, so our new life in Calgary can begin. 

When I last wrote I mentioned we had seen another apartment that we liked that was quite large and we really liked everything about it other than the layout of the living area. We debated for a couple of hours which one to go for.

On one hand, we had a larger apartment with two good size bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but a very odd living room layout that was dominated by a huge kitchen island and the very small living room at one end and a small dining area at the other. The finishes were good and it was on the 18th floor with an okay view.

On the other hand, we had a smaller apartment with 2 smaller bedrooms, 2 bathrooms but a much larger and more usable living area and good size kitchen. The finishes were top notch and the view from the 32nd floor pretty unbeatable. 

Both were the same price and initially, we were swayed toward the larger unit, but when we phoned them to ask some more questions we felt uneasy with some of the answers we got. They just didn’t come across as professional. We were even told we would have to get our own credit check done which we thought odd.

When we contacted the smaller apartment we got all the answers we wanted in a professional manner and we felt much more comfortable with them. Also, having been in contact with this company since before we arrived here we had always had great communication and when visiting the property twice we always had great service with friendly and professional staff, so we decided to go with our gut and apply for this apartment.

 Our corner unit apartment. The two windows surrounded by the dark paintwork are our bedrooms and the rest, to the corner is the living area. 
Our corner unit apartment. The two windows surrounded by the dark paintwork are our bedrooms and the rest, to the corner is the living area. 

On Wednesday morning we went in to complete all the paperwork for the application and the two women helping us were great, further confirming our choice. The only setback was their debit/credit card system was down so they couldn’t take our deposit and we had to go to the bank to get a money order. But on the bright side, it was only a couple of blocks walk away so not a problem. After sorting all this they promised to get back to us to confirm acceptance, or not within 48 hours.

Well, after what seemed like forever and us thinking we were not going to hear until Friday, we go the call earlier this evening to say everything had gone through okay and we were accepted. We have to go in on Saturday morning to sign some more paperwork and pay the first months rent, provide tenants insurance etc. Then on Monday, we have an orientation meeting booked and then we get the keys.

It’s all very exciting and now we have to go furniture shopping as we are starting from scratch here having sold all our furniture in Ontario. We will also need to transfer our personal possessions from storage to the apartment, so it’s going to be a busy week next week. We have the hotel booked until Thursday, so no major rush, although obviously if we can leave the hotel earlier we will save some money.

So, crazy times ahead and hopefully exciting times – here’s to our future in Calgary.