First steps to becoming Albertans

Today we took the first steps to transferring our official documentation from Ontario to Alberta. We had to go to the local Alberta Motor Association, part of the Canadian Automobile Association which we belong to.  

The first step was to exchange our Ontario diving licences for Alberta ones. Annoyingly I only renewed mine in March, and we won’t get refunds so that money went down the drain, but no getting around it. Lots of paperwork and questions as well as an eye test and a photo taken. OMG, what a terrible photo it was. You cannot smile or have your mouth open and it is taken against a white background which just doesn’t work with my light blonde hair – disaster! lol.

The clerk then gave us pieces of paper that act as temporary licences until our official ones arrive in the post. Cost $91.80 each. 

Next, we, had to complete paperwork to exchange our health cards. When I say we, the guy gave me the form and told me to fill in mine and Chris’s details. Chris only had to sign it! We won’t get these cards for three months, but our existing Ontario health cards are valid until then. We can now register with a doctor if we want. Cost zero.

Because we have bought our truck to Alberta from Ontario where it was registered, we have to have an out of province vehicle test done. Although our truck is only 9 months old, it still has to be done. For this we had to get a form to allow us to get the test booked. We then have to contact an authorized garage to perform the test which apparently will cost between $250 a $400. We were advised to phone around for quotes as the cost varies a lot. Cost of form $10.

We now have 14 days to get the test done, then we have to get our Ontario auto insurance transferred to Alberta, then go back to the AMA to get the paperwork filled in to transfer the vehicle to Alberta. 

After all that, we went to our second home – Ikea! This time we needed a unit for our office to put stuff on, you know the type! Fortunately, we found one that will be prefect and was reasonably priced. Then off to Staples for some bits and pieces and finally we went grocery shopping to pick up a long list of things that we kept realizing we didn’t have. Every time one of us went to do something and found we needed xyz, so added it to a list, which we have now pretty much fulfilled. Things you forget about such as a sieve, spatula, salt, toaster etc!   

So, that was pretty much our day. Quite productive, but now we want to start living and getting to know the area better rather than constantly buying stuff and make the apartment home. Time to wind down a little after months of hectic living.