Spending some time at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary

Whilst wandering around downtown Calgary we decided to go to the Glenbow Museum. To be honest it was more to do with getting out of the 32C temps than anything! It was $18 each and we got a small map and sticky badge to wear, woo hoo!

The museum is on four floors and has lots of different exhibits which I understand change regularly, at least some of them do anyway. The first section we found ourselves in was an art exhibit about the very north of Canada. 

There was some beautiful photography capturing the cold and bleakness of the north. It also captured many images of the indigenous people who live in this unforgiving place. There was also a section with lots of art work done by indiginous artisit. 

The next sections had art and exhibits from places like India and China. 

Then we moved into more modern exhibits from war times and how Canada was discovered etc.

I particularly liked this traditional head dress on display.

Another temporary display that we really enjoyed was a mineral display. They had hundreds of different types of minerals and the variety and colours were beautiful. This was my favourite area. 

After spending an hour or so here we had lunch at New York Fries. Don’t worry, we shared this huge portion of fries!