These are the travels of Jane & Chris. Their ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where quite a few people have gone before. Yes, we are in Vulcan, Alberta!

Vulcan is located about an hour and twenty minutes south of Calgary and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit, being so close. This is where Spock from the original Star Trek comes from, honestly! Well, okay he doesn’t really, but after the TV series, Star Trek propelled itself into cult status, this little town in Alberta, called Vulcan way before the series started, reinvented itself as the place to be for Trekkies! 

Not happy with just sharing the name of the home planet of Spock, the town decided to build its own Starship Enterprise. 

There are lots of signs around the Starship, many in Vulcan, obviously!

There is also an information centre which is really just a glorified gift shop selling all sorts of Star Trek tat, sorry souvenirs.

They have t-shirts, jigsaws, photographs, some collectible items such as signed prints etc. You can also dress up as your favorite character and have your photo taken. Chris couldn’t resist sharing his Vulcan salute alongside that of ledgendary Leonard Nimoy.

This is me in the Captain’s chair.

Chris with some of his new friends.

And more of us just playing silly beggars!

After exploring the gift shop we went up the road to a local cafe, The Great Full Cup, for a bite to eat. We resisted the urge to have a Spockachino and instead settled for hot chocolate’s and toasted sandwiches which were very nice.