Back in November, we had a return of our water leak from the bathroom and during the investigations by the building maintenance team they cut out two holes in the walls, one in the wardrobe and another in our storage room. Since then we have been waiting for someone to come and fix the drywall and also to re-grout the bathroom tiles, which we have been waiting for since mid-October. 

On Monday Chris contacted them to find out what was going on. We then got a notice through the door saying someone would be round on Tuesday, between 1-4 pm to assess the work. But no one turned up!

So, we asked again what was happening and we got a phone call to say that they would be coming round on Thursday and would need access to the apartment for 5 days. This is so they can do the drywall in stages and also the grouting. She did not know if the five days included the weekend or not. Okay fine, finally some action!

Then this morning we got another phone call telling us they would actually be coming out today to start the grouting and tomorrow to start the drywall. We were out when they phoned, but told them to carry on and enter the apartment. When we got back at 2 pm, no one had been. They only have until 4 pm to enter the apartment, so your guess is as good as mine as to whether they will actually turn up today or not.

Rant over…..and breathe……