Filming for Netflix series Tin Star in Calgary, across from our building

A film crew turned up the other evening and set up all their trailers, campers etc in the parking lot across from our building. They are filming for a Netflix TV show called Tin Star.

This is a British-Canadain production starring Tim Roth,¬†Genevieve O’Reilly,¬†Abigail Lawrie, Oliver Coopersmith and Christina Hendricks. It is set in the Canadian Rockies and features a British detective (Roth) who emigrates to a small town which is dominated by a big oil company.

We have never seen it, because, even though it is a Canadian production, based in Canada, about Canada and filmed in Canada, it is not available on Canadian Netflix. I’m sure there is some logic there, but I’m damned if I know what it is!

Anyway, we found out that they were filming in downtown Calgary and one of the big building there called Suncore has been temporarily turned into the building of the fictional oil company featured in the series, North Stream Oil. All the signage etc was changed and some filming took place, closing off many of the downtown roads.

We thought they would be here for quite some time, but two days later they were all gone. We never got to see Tim Roth or any of the other “stars.” Mind you, I probably could have fallen over them before I recognised anyone!

So that was the excitement for this week! What a life we lead!