colouring books

I think I’ve found my ideal colouring books

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I fell in love with the Colortronic adult colouring books, but I think I’ve found some even better ones.

I recently bought some Creative haven books off Amazon, you can see my blog post here. These are proving to be even better, or at least different to the Colortronic books. I still really love them and if they bring out a new one, I will definitely buy it, but I’m really enjoying these new ones.

I have done a few pictures from them, but because they are much more intricate, they take a lot longer so I’m not completing them at the speed I was before. but, I’m really enjoying taking my time completing them.

I have three of the Creative Haven books (mandalas, sea life and birds) and have completed a few pictures from each.

I am using my Stabilo and Staedtler marker pens for these. I might do some with pencils soon, but I personally prefer to use pens as I find them more vibrant and more importantly, easier on the wrists.