Thank you British Columbia, grizzly and black bears

When we first moved to Alberta last year, one of the things we really wanted to see was a grizzly bear. We have been fortunate to have seen many black bears both in the USA and in Canada, even in our own back garden, but never a grizzly.

We knew there were plenty about as we often see photos of them, not just in the nearby Rockies, but much closer to home and even closer to the city. After almost a year in the area, we had yet to fulfil our dream, but now we have.

The previous post follows our travels in Kootenay National Park in British Columbia. We travelled down to Radium Hot Springs and as we driving out of the town we saw a grizzly bear run out in the road in front of a large truck. Fortunately, the truck driver managed to stop and the bear ended up on the side of the road munching on dandilions.  

Unfortunately, as we were on the highway and there was no pullout area, we could only stop for a very short time and grab some quick shots before we had to move on. But to say we were overjoyed is an understatement. 

As if this wasn’t great enough, further along the road we spotted a large black bear who was happily grazing along the side of the road. This time there was a pull-off area and we were able to stop and observe him for some time. He seemed really comfortable with us there clicking away, he even laid down to eat. I managed to get some video of him too.