A few months ago I won a $50 gift card to 17th Avenue, Calgary. For those of you that don’t know Calgary, 17th Avenue is an area that is full of bars, restaurants, shops and the venue for many cultural events. It’s a happening place in Calgary.

As we only live around the corner, we walk along here often and looked forward to spending the gift card at one of the participating locations. Unfortunately, many of the places that the card can be used at are of no interest to us, or they are very expensive to begin with, so we decided to spend it on a meal out as several restaurants were included. 

We had seen many people eating the fish & chips at a restaurant called The National. In the summer they, like most other restaurants have outdoor patios, so you can sometimes get a view of some of the meals. it looked okay, so we decided to make this our choice.

So, the other evening we walked up to the National, on a particularly lovely day. We decided to eat inside as it as very hot out and a little windy. We got there early evening, or late afternoon, depending on your view, to avoid the crowds. As it happens, we planned this very well as there were only a handful of people there at this time. 

The menu is quite extensive, but we both decided to have the fish and chips. Chris had a coke and I had water for our drinks.

We didn’t have to wait too long for our meals to arrive and they didn’t look too bad. Mine is the one wihout coleslaw! 

So now for my review! The actual fish was very nice, but I found the batter to be a bit greasy. I absolutely hated the chips. They were like oven chips and were incredibly salty. I didn’t eat mine at all and Chris probably ate half of his. He thought they were probably salty to get you to order more beers and drinks. 

To say we are disappointed in the meal would be an understatement. We are just glad we didn’t actually have to pay for it. Strangely as well, even though I clearly left all my chips, the server never commented on it or asked if the food was okay. Perhaps she didn’t want to hear the answer? Our bill for the two meals and Chris’ coke came to $34.39 and of course we left a tip, though I’m not really sure why! 

Overall, I’m sure many people love this place as its always full of people at lunchtime and evenings. We, however, will not be returning!