Whilst travelling around the Canadian Rockies yesterday we stopped off for lunch at a place called The Haywire in the very small town of Longview. We were only going to stop for coffee and a snack at first, but when we got inside and saw the menu we decided to have a meal instead, so glad we did.

Outside the place is very unassuming and in this small town of just over 300 people, we assume they rely a lot on passing traffic and tourism. 

Inside the building is split into smaller areas with different furniture and feel in each. We ended up in what seemed to be the main section of the restaurant which was very nicely decorated and was very clean. There are photos and pictues on the walls which we were told can be purchased. 

The menu is not extensive, but the are plenty of options. The lady serving was very friendly and encouraged us to choose the fries as she said they were really good. I’m not normally a lover of fries but decided to take her advice. I chose the pulled pork sandwich with fries and Chris opted for fish and chips.

We didn’t have to wait too long for our food to arrive and when it did, wow, it looked wonderful.

Both dishes were beautifully presented and the fries were thin cut and quite clearly homemade rather than the horrible ones you normally get in restaurants these days. 

Chris’ fish was snapper covered in batter and he loved it. My pulled pork sandwich was in ciabatta bread and was so tasty, although I did get in rather a mess with it. But it was certainly worth it. I’m glad I went with the fries as they were really nice.

Considering we only went in for coffee, we were really pleased with the meal and would definitely recommend it. Just a shame it’s not closer to Calgary!

In total our two meals, tea and coffee came to $33, so a very good price. Five stars for this place.