When I got to work this morning, our Managing Director asked us all to attend a meeting in the conference room. We were then told that the company was being placed in administration and that we were all being made redundant. To say this was a shock was an understatement. I have worked there for over four years and I love my job, so I was not very happy.

Two other staff members and I were asked to stay on for two weeks, to effectively close the company down, but everyone else was asked to leave after the meeting. It was great to hear that I could stay a couple of weeks longer and be paid, but the three of us felt alienated when everyone else went to the pub to drown their sorrows.

I phoned Chris to tell him the news and when I got home, we had to decide whether to continue with our planned trip to Canada next month. After weighing up all the pros and cons, we decided to go ahead. The flights and most of the hotels had already been paid for, so we only needed to pay for one hotel night and our spending money. We would have lost more than we saved if we had cancelled.

I have now signed up with several employment agencies, so hope to find another job soon.