This is a catch-up post as things have been a bit busy, to say the least.

I had my job interview and got on great with the Director who interviewed me. He wanted me to have a second interview with the CEO, who I would be reporting to, but it was on the day we were due to leave for New York. I explained the situation and they agreed to see me the day before. Well, this interview went so well, they hired me on the spot as Marketing Manager, starting a week after our return from NY.

Although the role is temporary for three months, I got a really good vibe while I was there, so who knows? The company produces food ingredients and has divisions all over the world, which I will be overseeing from a marketing point of view. It seems that various companies have been acquired over the years and the new ingredients division has been formed and now they need to bring them all together to form one large company rather than lots of smaller ones. Sounds very exciting.