I have been at my job for a month now and overall, it’s going great. I have redesigned the company website, arranged a couple of events and started a company newsletter, amongst other things. I’m still getting bad vibes from the CEO’s PA, as I have found out she is feeding me incorrect information. For instance, I needed to know how many newsletters to get printed for all members of staff around the world and she gave me a number. I then found out from another colleague, who is in charge of the payroll, that the numbers are wrong. I would have ended up printing far more than was needed, spending more money than necessary. It seems she doesn’t want me around and is doing all she can to make me look bad in front of the CEO. I really cannot be bothered with such stupidity, so I’m just making sure I cover my arse. Oh well, I’m only here till January, so I can put up with her petty antics.