Today I booked our next trip to Canada. We will be flying out to Toronto with Zoom Airlines on April 22nd for 10 nights. Our first night will be at Toronto airport as we won’t be getting in till quite late. The following morning we will be picking up our rental car and travelling down to London Ontario to spend 9 days looking at houses, temp accommodation, business issues and most importantly trying to decide exactly where we want to live.

We belong to several immigration forums and discussion groups and quite a few people who submitted applications in January 2004 have been getting their medical requests. That means although, like us they were told that they would not hear from immigration until 15 months had passed, they have actually heard in 12 months. Fingers crossed that this will be the case for us. Who knows, when we get back from Canada in early May, we might get our medical requests at the same time. However, knowing our luck, maybe not. Still, I can dream