We have now booked the hotel at Toronto airport, the Sheraton Gateway. It is actually on site which will be good as we are landing in the evening, staying overnight, then picking our hire car up the following morning from the airport. So won’t have to leave the terminal.

We have booked a hotel in London too, The Marriott Residence Inn. We stayed here last year and it is very good as you get a suite with a living room, dining area, office area with wireless high-speed internet and full kitchen, so you can cook your own stuff and save some money not eating out all the time. Of course, there is also a king bedroom and bathroom. Can’t wait. Will spend the next few weeks researching where we will visit, who we will see, when etc so that we can sort out all the things we need to whilst we are there. Hopefully, we won’t need to go back again before we land for good!