Only two weeks to our fact-finding trip now. We have found two very nice real estate agents in the areas we are looking at and have been communicating with them for the last few days. We have looked through MLS and found quite a few houses we would be interested in looking at and have been sent all the relevant details to them. We are hopefully going to spend a couple of days with each realtor and view quite a few houses. If we find a property we like, we hope to be in a position to be able to put in an offer, but this is reliant on several other factors coming into place in time. Even if we see our ideal house, we can still return home and conduct the sale from the UK without too much hassle.

We are gradually doing bits and pieces to our house to make sure it will appeal to buyers. We have decided not to put it on the market until we return from Canada. Chris works from home so can oversee any viewings at any time, so hopefully, we will be able to sell in a reasonable time frame.