Since my last post, we have decided not to put in an offer for the property we saw. We saw a couple more properties on Saturday, but none we would buy.

Monday morning, we packed and left the hotel and made the journey to Toronto. We stopped off at the Square One Mall to waste a couple of hours. This is the second-largest mall in Canada and was pretty good as malls go. After this we went to the airport and checked in our bags then wasted another few hours – boring!

The plane left at 8.20 pm with a stopover in Cardiff. We flew with Zoom, and when we booked several months ago, this was a direct flight. However, a month or so before the trip, it changed to a Cardiff stopover, so we weren’t too pleased when we ended up being delayed there and eventually ended up at Gatwick at 10.00 Tuesday morning.¬†¬†Fortunately, we were able to catch a train straight away, so the remainder of the trip was pretty quick a trouble-free.

The whole trip was very worthwhile as we now know more about the business side of things, the area in general and the type of house we want and the amount of money we need to spend. Just need our med requests now.