By a series of coincidences, one of our neighbours found out we are thinking of selling. She contacted us to say that her son may be interested in buying our house. She popped round to take a look at the property and said she would have a word with him and arrange a visit. She also said that her son already has a house which he doesn’t need to sell, (possibly rented) so there would be no chain. Another interesting thing she said was that if we sold to him, we could stay in the property and pay rent until we got the go-ahead to emigrate.

If all this goes ahead, it will be a dream come true. As anyone in our situation knows, it is very hard to know when to put your house on the market to tie it in with receiving the relevant paperwork from Canada. You could end up selling before PR received and have to rent or go to Canada on a visitor visa whilst you wait. Of course, you could sell and not get accepted. Equally, you can wait and then get all the paperwork in place but not be able to sell your house and have to move to Canada before it sells and without your equity. If all this works out it will be a major miracle, but my fingers are crossed!