Last week we received our first enquiry about the house. Someone was requesting more information, which we have duly sent and hope to hear that they want to view the property. Well, we didn’t hear back from that person, so I suppose we have to assume they are not interested. We plan to leave the house on the internet for a month and then re-assess and probably put it on the market with the local estate agents.

We were feeling a bit down over the weekend, with no sign of the house going quickly and the brown envelope from Canada nowhere in sight, so we decided we needed a holiday. I know we have only recently come back from Canada, but this was far from a holiday, both activity and weather-wise. So we have booked a week in the USA.

We started off thinking of going to Memphis and Nashville, but could not get the flights to work for the times we wanted and the route we needed. So then we looked at Chicago and St Louis but this was very expensive by comparison, so we have ended up booking a week in Boston. We are staying outside the main city so that we can travel around to the other New England states easily. At least we now have something to look forward to. You never know, we make come back to that brown envelope!