We have our much-awaited medicals booked for this Thursday (10th Nov), however, yesterday Chris fell down the stairs at home and not only knocked himself out but broke his left arm, badly sprained his right wrist, broke a finger on his right hand and hurt his neck so he can barely move his head! He is generally battered and bruised and has a bad concussion.

It happened when we got up in the morning and he was still half asleep and fell down the stairs. I was in the bathroom and heard an enormous crash and ran out to find him unconscious at the foot of the stairs. I phoned for an ambulance and they arrived promptly, just as he was starting to come back around.

They rushed him to the hospital and on the journey and whilst there he was very confused and very sick. They had to take lots of x-rays of his wrist and he broke both bones of the arm just above the wrist and had to have a plaster cast up to his elbow. I had to phone work to tell them I would not be in. My boss was great and told me not to come back until he was ok, even if this was a few days.

Talk about bad timing. Unfortunately, this means we have now had to rebook our meds for Dec 5th. We thought things were going too smoothly.