Chris got his cast off just in time for Christmas. We went into the hospital and he got called in and removed the cast. He was then told to wait in the waiting room to make sure he was okay. As we sat waiting, he said that he didn’t feel well, next thing I know, he is slumped on his chair, sliding to the floor. He has passed out. The nurses came over and laid him down with his feet in the air and after a minute or two, he came round. It was pretty scary. They then put us in a small room and told us to wait for an hour before going home. Within a few minutes, he was really ill, throwing up and generally unwell. The nurse and I took care of him and after a while, he started to feel a bit better. Apparently, this can be a shock effect of having the plaster cast removed – who knew! Eventually, he was allowed home and was soon well again.