Today we met our realtor at 8.15 am, so early start. We started in the Napanee area and then went on the Stone Mills, which seemed very nice. We did find that you would see a house that was really nice, but next door or nearby there would be a complete dump. In the UK you tend to see good or bad areas, but here it seems very mixed.

We went across to the South Frontenac area which looked really nice. There are lots of rivers and lakes and the land is quite undulating, not boring and flat. There are also lots of rocks and boulders about which made the area interesting. We really liked this area and will look for some more properties in this area as we didn’t find any today we wanted to buy. We also visited the 1000 islands area which again was very nice. We preferred this area and the Frontenac area to that of Napanee and Stone Mills as it was more interesting and the water in the area was great.

All in all, we visited 12 properties, most were definite no’s, but one was a really nice house but the plot was not ideal, so still looking for the right property in the right place. Tomorrow we are viewing properties on Prince Edward County. By the way, the weather today was glorious, sun shining all day and 23 degrees C.