Firstly, the weather is great again. I think it was even warmer today than yesterday, but cannot be sure as the car we were in did not have a temp gauge. Today we visited another half dozen properties and visited several areas. The place that stood out was Frankford. We drove through and it looked a lovely town with the Trent River running through the middle, it looked very scenic. We viewed a house that overlooked the river and had a huge garden with a trout pond in it. It was really beautiful, but the house itself wasn’t very good and needed a lot of TLC.

The last but one house we saw was in the Blessington area and was a fab house. It was on just over 2 acres and was beautifully finished on the main floor with real wood floors, open plan kitchen, diner and living room. It also had an above ground pool in the garden. The basement was partially finished, and the deck incomplete, so we think we would need to spend quite a bit on the property to finish it off which could be an issue, but it was lovely a real wow factor.

Tomorrow we are going back to see it with a clear head and also we are going back to a property we saw on the island yesterday. Both are great houses, in great areas and both have plus and negative points. We will definitely buy one of them though as they were, without doubt, the best houses we have seen, by quite a long way. I think the island property has the edge, but we will see tomorrow.

We have really found a great realtor and can recommend Sharon at Quinte Isle Real Estate. She knows the Belleville, Trenton and Quinte areas really well and has given us tons of useful info. Even silly things like telling us that you can only set out two bags of garbage a week and have to buy tags to put on them which cost a dollar each. All useful bits of info that you don’t realize you need to know.

So far, we haven’t stopped on this trip and haven’t had a minute to chill out. Hopefully, if we decide on a property tomorrow, we can take the weekend easy and do our own thing next week. Sharon did say that we can get the house, septic and well inspections done next week whilst we are here so that we can go-round with the inspectors. I cannot imagine getting them done so quickly in the UK.

So far this has been a hectic, but great trip and we really feel we are accomplishing things. If all goes well with the house, we should take possession at the end of July, beginning of August and move out for good at this point, or a little before. We cannot wait. Mostly I cannot wait to hand in my notice! Also, we have found we really dislike the Dodge Durango we have hired. It is too big and uses loads of petrol, sorry, gas. Fortunately, Sharon has been driving us around, so we have been let off lightly so far. We think we will go for a smaller vehicle such as a Ford Explorer when we buy one. Overall, though we feel really good about this area. I think it was fate that we couldn’t go through with any house purchases in the London area. This is definitely a much better place to live and I think we will be very happy here.