Yesterday was a busy and stressful day. In the morning we went to The Brick, which is a furniture shop for those not in the know. We were trying to get an idea of how much to would cost us to buy new furniture for our house. Some prices are good, such as electrical items, but others like sofas and beds are very similar prices to the UK. We want to have one of the big king beds, but of course, these are more expensive than the normal queens and for a good one it looked like we would have to pay about $2k.

In the afternoon we went to look at our two short-listed properties. One north of Belleville is a 4-year-old house with four bedrooms, huge open plan living, dining and kitchen, a half-finished basement, a large above ground pool and a great 2-acre plot. The problem we are having at the moment is getting confirmation of internet access. We need high speed for Chris’s business and this could be the problem. it will also need quite a bit of work to make the basement more habitable.

Next, we went to Quinte Island to look at the second property. However, we ruled this out almost as soon as we sent in as it just didn’t have the right feel. So it proves how important second visits are, as the first time we went we liked it. Also, the owner insisted on following us about the house giving us info on this, that and everything in between. Not good! We are now waiting to find out if the high-speed internet is available at the first house then we might well put in an offer.

Today (Saturday) is was very wet and rained most of the day, temps were down to single figures too – very much like the UK in fact! We had no viewings today, so we trawled through MLS to make sure we hadn’t missed any properties.

We found nine possibles, so spent the day driving around and looking at the outsides to see if they were worth an internal visit. Of the nine, only one was worth a second look. So either tomorrow or Monday we will be off to a house in Frankford. However, again we need to check out the internet issue.