This morning we went to our realtor and put together the offer for the new property. The asking price is $250,000, and as there is still some work to be done, we offered $235,000. This was faxed to them at around 9.30 am. We were very surprised when at 11 am the offer came back all signed off, with no changes other than to bring the possession date forward to mid-July. We had no problem with this so the offer is now accepted and agreed upon. Apparently, the owners have an offer on another property subject to them selling their house, so we were in a good position.

Tomorrow we are getting the house inspection and well report completed and are meeting the guys at the property in the morning. The house inspection will be done with us and we will get the full report there and then. If all the reports are satisfactory we will officially own a house in Canada by mid-July. We are planning to come over at the beginning of July to get furniture etc sorted out, so it will be all action stations from now on.