We met the inspector at the house this morning to get the buying inspection completed. He arrived exactly on time at 11 am and he spent the next two-plus hours with Chris going around the house with a fine-tooth comb. I spent the time taking floor plans and measurements of the rooms etc. Also took lots of pics so we can remember it when we return home.

The inspection went very well and he said that he couldn’t find anything wrong with the property, just a few bits and pieces which will be easily remedied with a couple of nails or a tin of paint. He said that of all the properties he had inspected over the years he had never given any 10 out of 10 and only one 9 out of 10. He gave our house an 8, not bad. Nothing structurally wrong, in fact, he said it was one of the best houses he had seen. It is all brick which helps. Many of the properties we have seen have been vinyl or half and half. He left us with a large manual with the reports relating to the tests he had done such as roof, heating, air-con, structure etc.

We left the property in the glorious sunshine, with a glowing report feeling very happy with ourselves. We celebrated with a Timmy’s! The well and septic report will be done next week and the details sent to us in the UK. Hopefully, they will be ok too. We are leaving Canada tomorrow, so no more posts till we get back to Blighty.