We got a call first thing from the pump man who said he would meet us at the house in half an hour. Sure enough, he arrived promptly and took a look at the mechanical bits in the basement. He suspected the problem was in the well, so went outside. We watched him take up loads of pipe from the well and then fish out various contraptions. For about half an hour he fiddled with bits and pieces and then came back to say he had fixed everything. The connections to the pump had rotted and this had led to the pump falling off and sitting in the bottom of the well-doing nothing. We suspect that this happened before we moved in and possibly before the other family moved out. Although they did not get their house till Friday, they moved out on Wednesday, which makes us believe that they lost water then and just left.

The fix only cost $122 which we thought was great, so if we get it back off them then great, if not, we won’t sweat too much.

Once this had been fixed we set off in the truck to Toronto to collect our goods to follow. We had a good drive out and only hit traffic once in the Toronto area, but nothing too bad. Got to the company who had our stuff and went in to see what we had to do. We still were not convinced that all would go well after the fiasco of losing our goods before. We went straight in and saw a woman who gave us some paperwork and a map. We had to take the paperwork to Customs and get the shipment released, then come back to collect it. So, back in the truck and following the map we found the customs place quite easily. When we went in we were second in the queue and only had to wait about five minutes before being seen. A woman checked the paperwork, took copies of my passport and driving licence and it was all stamped and completed. Took a max of five minutes – brilliant.

Next back to the shipping company and handed in the stamped paperwork. We were then told to go round the corner and back up to the loading door and our stuff would be bought to us. We had to pay $240 in costs. I went into the loading bay to give our paperwork to the guy to collect the stuff and he looked me up and down and then asked what car I had. I said a pick-up, he grunted and zipped off on his forklift and then came back with some of our boxes, dumped them at the doors, got the others and left us to it.

Poor Chris then had to load the truck up and arrange everything in a way that we would not lose anything on the way back. When everything was strapped in ok we set off back home. Got to the house and unloaded everything. By then we had had enough, so went back to the hotel to shower and change then went out for some dinner, got back and collapsed!