On Saturday we came back from an outing and realized that the HD receiver for our TV was off – no time showing. We reset it and did everything we were told would work in the book but nothing. Phoned Star Choice and they went through lots of bits, pull out this, put in that, hold this down etc but nothing. They finally decided it was knackered and said they would send a repairman out within 24 hours. The guy on the phone said that it was unusual for someone to have a problem so soon – does this mean we should expect problems later?

Sunday – waited for the repairman but no one called and no one phoned. I then phoned them again to ask what was going on and was told that someone would come out within 72 hours! After some choice words about their service etc, I was told all we could do was wait for someone to call to say the repairman was coming and when. Some things don’t change wherever you live!