We popped over to Kingston today and finally found a supermarket that we could get most of our stuff from- Loblaws. So far we have been getting a few bits from one place, some more from another and we could not seem to find a supermarket that we could get everything from like we could in the UK. Whilst we were in Kingston we popped into Loblaws on the way home just to see what it was like. Yahoo, it was a bit like Waitrose. We managed to get lots of stuff and spent a fortune. They have a very good selection of fruit and veg and lots of fresh meat all of which seem to be hard to find in most other supermarkets.

When we got home, I cooked dinner and whilst I was waiting for the meat to cook, I sat and looked out the window into the garden. I was happily watching the birds when suddenly they all flew off and in trotted a family of raccoons, five in all. They ran up to the tree and began raiding the bird feeders. I called Chris and he got his camera and took some pictures.

Now we know who is eating all the food we leave out for the birds. Trouble is they are sooooo cute!