On Thursday we purchased a vacuum cleaner from Sears. We had been looking for one since we got the house, but wanted one specifically for hardwood floors (we have nothing else in the house). I had researched on the internet and found half a dozen models but none seemed to be available easily from Canada. We ended up settling for one that was hard floor friendly, not as good as one completely designed for hard floors, but got fed up with not finding one of those.

When we got to Sears, I picked out one that looked pretty good at $499. When the sales assistant came over to help (as they always do!) she said that that particular model was out of stock for about two weeks. However, she offered us another model that was almost identical: the handle splits in two, the other didn’t, but was $50 dearer. I really didn’t want to pay that much so she said that there was going to be a sale at the weekend and the vacuum would be reduced by $100 and she could offer us that price now. So we took it. This means I paid $50 less than the original model, not so bad. I cannot see the assistant in the UK allowing you to have products at yet to be reduced prices!

I also forgot to mention that when Chris took the truck in for service, the guy who sold it to us was waiting to welcome him in the service area. He then sat and chatted with him whilst they waited for the service to be done.

On Saturday the raccoons returned but even earlier. They were up the tree by three in the afternoon. However, there are only four of them now, so not sure what has happened to the fifth. Chris went out with the hosepipe and discovered that they don’t seem to like water. He got rid of them but an hour later they were back. We have now taken to bringing in the feeding boxes overnight to hopefully discourage them from coming. Seemed to work last night, but only time will tell.

Did some more decorating yesterday. Also, the internet man came back as we were having some speed problems. He decided to change the antenna on the top of the pole to one, which accepts a slightly lower speed, which will speed our connection up – strange but true! Although we were paying for a 3MB service, we were only receiving around 1MB which compared to our 10MB service in the UK was a little sluggish, to say the least. When he changed the antenna and tested the system we were getting over 2MB, so it seemed to work. Just have to wait and see how it goes now.