Haven’t been up to much during the week, but on Friday we decided to get rid of the above ground pool that came with the house. When we were looking for a house, a pool was not something we wanted particularly, but as the house we liked had one, we weren’t too bothered. However, we have done nothing but test it, spend money on chemicals and never use it even though the temperatures have been in the 90’s. It is also in what we consider the wrong place in the garden as you almost fall over it going out the patio doors and it spoils the view of the wildlife.

So on Saturday morning, we spent several hours dismantling it. We then considered what to do with it and in the end decided to simply put a notice at the roadside and see what happened. So, I wrote a notice out saying “free 24 x 12 ft pool”. The notice also said that some chemicals were included as were the covers etc and to collect from our driveway. We thought that maybe in a week or so someone might have it, otherwise we would have to dispose of it. The notice went up at 1.15 pm Saturday. We then went out for a couple of hours and when we returned at 3 pm, we could see that the notice was missing and when we got down the drive, half of the pool stuff had gone, but half was still sitting there.

When we got to the house the notice had been left at the front door with a note on it saying that the collector would be back later to get the rest of the pool and thank you. So, in less than 3 hours the pool had been claimed. Sure enough, a couple of hours later a red truck came down the drive and collected the rest of the stuff. So, that was our good deed for the day!

We will now put the decking down to make a nice patio area and some planters to make a nice relaxing place to sit in the summer. We also want to add a hot tub, but that will have to wait until the sale of our UK house goes through, which should be in the next couple of months.