Got up Sunday morning and it was pouring of rain. We were going to continue to dismantle the deck that went around the pool, but couldn’t so instead went to Kingston for a few bits we needed. At around 9 am, suddenly all the power went off with no warning. It was strange because there were no storms or lightning, just a bit of rain. We waited for an hour or so to see if it came back on but nothing, so we went out. When we got back from Kingston at around 3 pm we had power back. No idea what happened there. Oh well, been in the house for 6 weeks and have had our second outage!

Last night I was in bed reading at about 11.15 when I heard some scuffling outside. Chris and I put the outside lights on and saw a coon on our upper deck helping himself to the bird feeder we have on there. He was completely flat out on his belly lying on the deck, he looked very funny. We have taken to bringing in the feeders overnight, but forgot this one – we won’t do that again. We shooed him away and took the feeder in. These little devils don’t miss a trick.