It turned out that the join between the back door and the step was not properly sealed and because the rain was being driven against it, it leaked. Chris has now resealed it and hopefully, it is cured, although we won’t know until we get another severe rainfall. Glad it wasn’t anything serious such as the foundations etc.

On a lighter note, most of our American Robins seem to have left for warmer climates. We did have loads of them in the garden, but down to a couple now. However, we seem to be seeing an increase in chipmunks. I just love the chipmunks; they have real personalities and are very comical to watch. This morning I put out some corncobs for the wildlife in general. Less than two hours later the chips had stripped them bare. One was even trying to carry the whole cob off on its own – I would have been well impressed if he had managed it!

No sign of the raccoons lately. Taking the feeders in at night seems to have done the trick, although it means the birds don’t get breakfast till around 7.30 am, although they seem to be coping. We have both seen something in the garden at night that we cannot identify yet. It seems to be about the size of a raccoon, maybe slightly bigger, but it definitely isn’t one. It is very timid and shoots off as soon as we make a move. It looks very dark in colour (probably black) and seems more like a cat type animal than anything else. Not sure what it is, but will keep trying to see it and identify it. It isn’t a cat by the way – too large.

On Thursday we will have been in Canada for two whole months! In one respect it seems much longer, as we have achieved so much, but in other respects, it seems like only yesterday that we arrived. Neither of us has missed the UK so far. I have not missed my old job one bit, although I thought I might as I really liked it and worked with some great people. Chris hasn’t missed anything, other than his daughter, but then she is on MSN nearly every day, so in regular contact and hoping to come out in the next month or two. So, no regrets so far!