Well, we have now been in Canada two whole months. We have actually achieved a lot during that time, bought and moved into our house, furnished it, demolished the pool and decking, set up our business, received PR cards, SIN cards, driving licences, got high-speed internet and loads more.

When I worry that something hasn’t yet been done, or we are waiting for something to be processed, I have to remember that we have only been here a short time in reality. We are really starting to feel at home now and are looking to renovate the basement over the coming winter months. Our fish tank is maturing and makes the living room more homely. We always had fish in the UK, so it is nice to have them here. We are also considering getting a dog. We have both had dogs in the past and always said that when we moved to Canada we would get one.

Stacey was hoping to come over next month but she has just started a new job, so doesn’t want to book a holiday as soon as she starts so will probably wait until Christmas time. Just phoned my aunt and uncle in Spain, as it is their wedding anniversary. We have to be careful when we phone, as they are six hours in front of us. They are coming over in the summer next year which will be great as we won’t have seen them since October last year when we went to Spain to see them.

The weather is definitely starting to change now. The first six or seven weeks were always hot and sunny. Now we have to check the weather before venturing out as some days like today are cooler with rain. The trees are changing colour and are starting to look beautiful, so fall is definitely here! Although we have noticed that Home Depot and other similar shops are advertising snowploughs and other such wintry items, so winter is on its way!

We are starting to look at things we should get in for the winter such as decent clothing and footwear and snow shifting gear. Not sure exactly what we will need, or how much it will cost, but will keep checking the stores to see what is on offer and what everyone else seems to have