This week we have had lots of rain, it is also getting much colder, but not too cold yet. The other day it was only 4C, but it felt much warmer and we were only wearing fleeces over t-shirts. Yesterday we had another power outage for about 2.5 hours as it was very windy. 30,000 people were off with us and some had been off for many more hours.

Today we have great news – our house sale has gone through in the UK. After several offers falling through and this one dragging on for months, it is finally over. We no longer have to pay our UK mortgage and we get some equity, although you will remember we released a lot of the equity to purchase our Canadian home. It is such a relief to know it is over. In the UK you can never be sure the sale has gone through until the money is in the bank – in our case the solicitor still has it, but it cannot fail now. Why the system cannot be more like Canada, I don’t know.

It is a glorious day here, the sun is shining and no rain is forecast, although there is some forecast in the coming days, there is even a mention of snow.

Stacey is coming over with a friend in December and we are hoping that the weather is going to be ok so we can take them places. They want to go to New York, so we are hoping we can drive down there for a couple of days, but it all depends on the weather.

Saw a huge deer wandering across one of the major roads here yesterday. He was huge and just sauntered across. If a car had hit it would have done some severe damage – to both parties!