Yesterday we went to Kingston to show the girls another mall, a little larger than Quinte. We reached the mall at 12.45 pm and arranged to meet back up with them at 2.45, giving them two hours to explore. We left them and went for something to eat, then did a bit of shopping ourselves. At 2.20 we had exhausted the centre, so phoned them to see if they were ready, but no, they needed more time. So we arranged to meet at 3.30 pm. We then went to some of the out-of-mall shops, such as Canadian Tire and Home Outfitters and got a couple of other bits and pieces. We then met up with them at 3.30 pm and travelled back home.

We had dinner at home today and then they went to watch a DVD in their room whilst we watched a few things on TV.

Today we didn’t do much. The girls wanted to go back to Quinte Mall, so we drove them down there and told them to ring us when they wanted collecting. We then went back home to catch up on some chores etc.

Eventually, at 4 pm they had finally got fed up with the mall and were ready to leave. We collected them and took them to Kelsey’s for dinner. They really loved the food here, so we will probably be back for another meal before they leave. We then took them to a couple of shops they had missed – yes more! Then on to Blockbusters to hire a DVD for them to watch tonight. Back home and we are going to watch CSI and ER whilst the girls watch their horror movie. Tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls, so that should be enjoyable.