Today we drove down to Niagara Falls. We left home in the morning and it was sunny but cold (-10°C). As we got to Toronto, the temperature was around -2°C and still sunny, however the nearer to Niagara we got the worse the weather got. From about Oakville onwards, it started to snow, not hard, just flurries and the sun disappeared. By the time we had reached Niagara, it was snowing lightly, very cloudy and dull and -5°C.

We parked up by the Horseshoe Falls and wandered round to the viewing platform. It was very cold, especially with the wind chill taken into account. The falls were spectacular though. The last time we visited, two years ago in April, it was also cold, but lots of sun. This time we had no sun, just snow, but it made things very pretty.

We then went on the Journey Behind the Falls. The noise is quite something, it is very loud and cold – had I mentioned it was cold? We walked under the falls to the viewing platform there and the portals actually under the falls themselves. It is quite spectacular and something you should do before you die, as they say. After this, we went into the gift shop, more shopping for the girls! We then wandered down to the American Falls which the girls thought was a bit of a downer after the Canadian ones. For once, the Americans got the short straw!

After this, we got back to the car and drove into the main town to go to the aviary. If anyone likes birds, this is a must-see. We visited on our last trip, but they have improved it since then and it is even better now. If you are not keen on birds, don’t go, as they are all free-flying. The first section has lots of smaller birds such as finches and similar species. Then you go through a nocturnal section with bats and owls etc. Then you enter the main aviary where you will see toucans, parrots and many other birds just flying around. They are quite oblivious to the humans chasing them around with cameras!

Once we had done the aviary (via the gift shop), we got back into the car to journey back to Toronto. The weather picked up as soon as we left Niagara, and soon we were driving in sunshine. The traffic was bad though. The nearer to Toronto we got, the slower it became, but eventually, we got there and found the hotel we would be staying in. The hotel was a Marriott Courtyard and was on Yonge Street, so well situated, however, we were not too impressed with the room. Our room was just down the corridor from the girls and it turned out their room was twice the size of ours – never mind! That evening they decided to go out clubbing, whilst we went out for something to eat and then crashed out in the hotel.