This morning the girls were complaining that they had frostbite. They had been out clubbing and not got back till early morning and had only gone out in t-shirts and light jackets. Baring in mind the temperature was low even before the night settled, you would have thought that they would have dressed accordingly – but no! It also turned out that they had got lost and not thought to take a map with them – kids!

We took them to the Eaton Centre and left them there for six hours! We went shopping too, but after a couple of hours had had enough and went back to the hotel. At four in the afternoon, we met up with them again and went to the Hard Rock CafĂ© for dinner. We had a nice meal and after we went back to the hotel and once again crashed out – we must be getting old. The girls decided to go to the cinema across town and this time with a map.