We can now add another animal to our garden critter count – a Coyote. Yesterday I just happened to be looking out the window when I saw a coyote walk along the back of the garden. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first and ran to Chris who was in the garage. I shouted, “There’s a wolf in the garden”. He came to the window but unfortunately, the wolf had vanished. After calming down I looked it up in our animal book and know that it was a coyote, not a wolf. We knew there were lots around as we hear them howling at night, but to actually see one during the day was really amazing.

On the subject of dogs, this week we heard from the family who took our puppy from us. They say she is doing great and has grown lots. They sent us some photos, which was really nice. We are really happy to know that she is living a good life and obviously enjoying it. She is getting big now! Also, they have renamed her Sadie.