I was woken up the other night at 4.48 am to the sound of howling coyotes. They couldn’t have been far away as they were so loud. Didn’t wake Chris though!

On Tuesday we went to the Auto Show in Toronto. It was a very pleasant day as the weather was +5C, the first time above zero since Christmas. Had a good drive down and found the car park straight away. It was only half full, so no problems parking. We had pre-purchased our tickets off the Internet, and what a hassle it was to redeem them. We kept getting sent to different ticket booths until finally, we reached one that could help. They stamped our hands and we were on our way.

The show was set out in three different buildings, The North Convention Centre, South Convention Centre and the Rogers Centre where the Blue Jay’s play some sport or other. We found the directions and mapping within the buildings and in the brochure to be very vague. It told you that such and such were in a certain building, but did not tell you how to get from the place you were to the new location. Even the in-building maps didn’t have a simple “you are here”. The buildings were connected by car park walkways and inflatable tunnels and it was all very confusing. Lots of people were wandering around lost, so it wasn’t just us! All this aside, the show was pretty good and not very busy which was nice. It was very obvious the difference in quality from the European and Asian cars to the North American cars. Although some American manufacturers seem to be addressing the issue, the quality of finish in the Audi’s, Mazda and Toyota etc was far superior to the GMC, Pontiac brands. There were some truly spectacular concept cars. One I fell in love with from Mazda was beautiful and is expected to be the future MX5, but we will have to wait and see.

Yesterday we had a rather exciting thing happen – the power went out for an hour and we finally used our generator – little things!