The squirrels in our garden seem to be multiplying and getting frisky. We have twelve individuals now and they are constantly chasing each other around the garden and up and down the trees. Hopefully, we will have lots of baby squirrels in the spring. The other night we had a raccoon in the garden up the tree. We had accepted that they were hibernating, but this one got hungry and decided to come out for the night. The deer on the other hand have not been in the garden for several days. But hopefully, they will come back soon.

Yesterday, I did all our Canadian tax returns, which was a bit daunting. I had always done Chris’s business tax when in the UK, but here in Canada, you have to submit tax returns for personal as well as business tax. I studied all the literature and managed to get my head around it eventually. Once I understood the terminology, it wasn’t too bad. The trouble is they say “use info from form XYZ”, but they don’t tell you how you get this form or if it applies to you. Got there eventually though and posted it all off today, hopefully, we won’t get a knock on the door later in the year!