What a week for wildlife we have had. It seems that this week of nice warm weather has woken everything up, including the insects, unfortunately. Every day this week we have had a dozen squirrels, several chipmunks, loads of red-winged blackbirds, robins, starlings as well as a pair of Killdeer birds that are new ones to us. They are a water bird, but they decided to stay in our garden for a few hours the other day. They have two broad black bands across their white chests and fake a broken wing to attract predators away from their nests. We have also seen lots of grackles in the garden. They are beautiful birds with iridescent colours but can bully the other birds.

The squirrels are going frantic lately, chasing each other around then sitting in perfect harmony the next. This is mating behaviour, so god knows how many babies we will get, as we have at least a dozen adults in the garden.

As I mentioned the insects are also coming out. We have seen lots of paper wasps and bluebottles. We are going to buy a mozzie trap this year, so hopefully, we will be able to enjoy the garden. Not sure if they attract wasps and other flies too?

When we get back from our spring break, Chris is going to build an extension onto our rear deck and a pergola thing over the top that we may have to use to hang insect netting if the mozzie thing doesn’t work.

I have been looking at plants and seeds etc, so may get my green fingers out later. I am looking forward to doing the garden as when we bought the house the garden was rather neglected. The previous owners seemed to have the pool at that was it. As we have got rid of the pool, we want to make the garden prettier and more floral, so lots to spend on shrubs etc. The trouble is, the garden is so big, we will only be able to do the section around the house as it will cost too much to do the lot. Fortunately, a lot of it is woodland, so I might sprinkle some wildflower seeds around and see what comes up.

Yesterday it was 18C, the warmest day so far this year, things are looking up!