I have not written for a while, simply because we haven’t done anything I thought anyone else would be interested in! We finally managed to purchase a Nintendo Wii games console. They seemed to have been hard to get hold of in Canada and we eventually found one in Walmart after a couple of months of looking for them. It came with a sports game pack, which included bowling, tennis, baseball and golf and is great fun. The hand control is held in the fashion you would hold the golf club or tennis racket etc. So far I have managed to beat Chris in pretty much every game we have played, which annoyed him. I think it has just been luck as I have never even held a golf club before getting this game, but seem to be quite good at it, although I’m sure it would be a different story if we played for real. I am making the most of it as I am sure he will soon pick up his game and thrash me continuously in the future.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned we had planned a trip to the States to visit Nashville and Memphis etc. We have cancelled this due to the weather! On Wednesday night we started to get some snowfall, which continued all night and all day Thursday. We ended up with about 2.5 inches in the garden, however, we travelled into Belleville on Thursday afternoon and they had nothing, just rain. It seemed as though we were just on the edge of a snow-band. By Friday it had all but vanished because of all the rain we were having. Last night it started again and today it is really snowing big and fast and it is settling once again. We decided to cancel the trip as we did not want to be driving through Ontario and Michigan through the blizzards that were forecast. The USA is experiencing something called a nor’easter storm, which is dumping snow and heavy rain over much of southern and eastern North America. This is accompanied by gale-force winds and tornadoes. We thought that we would give all that a miss!

This morning I was just opening the blinds to the back garden when I saw a squirrel run from the trees to our central tree followed by a large cat. Now, when I say a large cat, I am not talking about an overfed pussy cat, this cat was about twice as high as a normal cat and twice as long. It had a thick velvety dark grey coat and a long tail. It caught the squirrel and then trotted off proudly with it dangling from its mouth. Although logic tells me this must have been just a very large domestic or feral cat, I still looked through our wildlife books for a more exotic answer. I could not find one – perhaps I have just spotted the not often seen Quinte wildcat!