As requested by the hospital, I had to return to have an ultrasound scan on Thursday morning at 11.45. As my pain had subsided considerably, I thought it would just be a formality, but I was wrong. I had the ultrasound done by a very nice woman who, at the end of the scanning, told me she needed to discuss the results with a radiographer. I waited and when she returned she said she wanted me to report back to the emergency room to discuss the results with a doctor. This got me worried, so I asked if anything was wrong. She said yes, there was something wrong but she couldn’t discuss the results with me, I had to see the doctor.

So Chris and I very nervously went back to emergency. We waited to be seen by a triage nurse and explained that I had been sent back from ultrasound for results. She then proceeded to write down all the information I had given them on Tuesday. We had to go through everything all over again. When she had finished she told me to wait to be called. I asked if it would take long, as I was pretty worried about the results. She said she hoped not.

Well an hour later I was called and a doctor asked me to sit down in a side room. He then told me they had found a problem with my scan, which could be a lump or something wrong with my womb. He said he needed to refer me to a specialist to discuss the options available to me. I was very worried now and asked him to elaborate, but he said I needed to see a specialist. He said he would page one right away. So, I was sent out again and sat with Chris getting more and more concerned that something pretty major was wrong. We waited for another hour and I was called again. The same doctor told me that I needed to go to a clinic over the road from the hospital to see the specialist. I asked when and he said that the doctor was expecting me now.

We then had to take some paperwork and go over to the specialist surgery. I went to reception and explained that I had been sent by the hospital and they gave me a questionnaire to complete and asked me to wait. We waited about 90 minutes before I was called. I was measured for height and weighed and then a doctor came in to ask me questions about my pain, family history etc. He then got another doctor who turned out to be the specialist obstetrician. He was really nice and explained that my ultrasound had revealed an abnormality with my womb, but they could not tell from the pictures exactly what was wrong. He said it looked like I had two wombs and fibroids. The fibroid was pressing against my womb(s) causing them to deform. However, he needed to get a better picture to see exactly what was going on and to see what, if any action was needed. I have now been booked in to have an MRI but will have to go to Kingston to have it done. He said I may have to wait a while for the appointment. I finally left the surgery just after 4 pm.

At least I now know that I am simply deformed and do not have anything life-threatening. The doctor explained that if I do indeed have two wombs, it is a very rare occurrence and that it can prevent carrying a pregnancy full-term. Not that that is an issue for me. So, I will just have to wait now to get the MRI done and see what happens after that.

On a happier note, we spotted the porcupine in the garden again last night and he came right up to the back of the house, but he had wandered off again before we could get the camera out. Also, the robin has laid another egg, making four in total. Apparently, they hatch after about 10-14 days, so we will be keeping watch. I will post pictures of the new arrivals when they appear. The killdeer chicks are bigger still and are practising flying. Well, they run along the garden flapping their stumpy wings – bless!